Gear Guide: Tunewear TuneMax Mobile Battery


Gear Guide: Tunewear TuneMax Mobile Battery

The beauty of TUNEMAX is in the design. The CASE is the BATTERY, and it sandwiches the iPod as a case. Simple but elegant, the case is filled with 850mAh Lithium Ion cell, with each covers holding 425mAh worth of power, covered by layers of material to pass safety and quality tests (see Specs). Get 28 uninterrupted hours of music from a case, only the patent pending product can do this.

  • Compatible with ALL iPod Models

  • Black Leather case with belt clip and white plastic controller

  • 145g

  • Adds 16h battery life

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    Company: TuneWear
    Model: TuneMax Mobile Battery
    List Price: TBD

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