We’ve seen Twelve South’s BookBook case for a number of iOS devices over the years, so we have a good idea of what to expect — essentially, it’s going to be a leather folio case that looks like a book. That’s still the case, even for the massive 12.9″ iPad Pro. It now has the look of a sketchbook, simply due to its size. However, this big BookBook introduces a new wrinkle in the form of an inner “frame” which can be moved into different angles for sketching or viewing. The inner lining is microfiber, and a leather Apple Pencil holder works in tandem with a nylon strap to keep that particular Apple accessory secure. Two zippers secure the tablet inside the folio case. But unlike an iPhone BookBook case, there aren’t any slots for credit cards or cash — this is strictly an iPad case. (According to Twelve South’s website, a BookBook for the 9.7″ iPad Pro is also coming soon.)

Review: Twelve South BookBook for 12.9” iPad Pro

Review: Twelve South BookBook for 12.9” iPad Pro

BookBook’s materials are still very high quality, though people will still likely be divided by the idea of putting something “vintage” looking on the modern iPad Pro. The iPad is inserted in a floppy, thin inner frame, and though the fit is fine, moving the iPad around can find the port holes a bit out of line. Though the inner section has a hole for the iPad’s camera, the outer cover of the case does not — you can still probably take a rear camera picture with the iPad Pro in this case, but it would require so much finagling that it wouldn’t be worth it. There’s also a small hole for the Smart Connector, but we found it to be sort of useless, as we couldn’t get Apple’s Smart Keyboard to properly attach when the iPad Pro was in the case.

Review: Twelve South BookBook for 12.9” iPad Pro
Review: Twelve South BookBook for 12.9” iPad Pro

The snap-in frame can be a little odd, but it also allows users to put the iPad Pro into viewing and drawing angles. The drawing angle is particularly nice, feeling sturdy. In comparison, the viewing angle feels a bit more makeshift — as it doesn’t use the buttons to secure itself — but it certainly gets the job done, as long as you’re not jostling the iPad around during use.

Review: Twelve South BookBook for 12.9” iPad Pro
Review: Twelve South BookBook for 12.9” iPad Pro

Overall, BookBook is a very good case for the 12.9” iPad Pro, as it has been for other iOS devices. It has a few quirks, and won’t appeal to those who prioritize Smart Connector compatibility, but it’s a well-constructed case. It should be one of the top options for users who are seeking an Apple Pencil-compatible folio case.

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Company: Twelve South

Model: BookBook

Price: $100

Compatible: 12.9” iPad Pro

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