Review: Twelve South Forté for Apple Watch

Apple accessory maker Twelve South recently released its newest stand for Apple Watch, Forté ($60). As expected from Twelve South, high-end materials are used here — the stand is made up of a chrome-plated metal alloy and a weighted top grain leather-base with a silicone bottom to prevent slippage. Forté supports Apple Watch charging in portrait or nightstand mode. A channel runs down and out the back of the stand for built-in cable management, though the top of the wire remains exposed and can be seen from behind.

Review: Twelve South Forté for Apple Watch
Review: Twelve South Forté for Apple Watch

Twelve South is known for its design, and while Forté is indeed made out of nice materials, its overall look is a bit…medical to us. Or dental. It’s sort of odd-looking when the Apple Watch isn’t docked. Adding the charger and docking an Apple Watch is easy enough — a small plastic chrome-colored ring is removed to accommodate the charger, then placed back on top after the charger is inserted. Forté works with all Apple Watch styles and bands, and it does indeed charge the watch in both portrait or nightstand mode, due to its reclined angle — but you won’t actually be able to push the buttons in nightstand mode without basically pinching the watch, which detracts from the stand’s functional appeal.

Review: Twelve South Forté for Apple Watch
Review: Twelve South Forté for Apple Watch

Forté is worth considering for its high-end materials, its solid construction, and its versatility in accommodating any Apple Watch in portrait or nightstand mode — though it makes more sense to dock your watch in portrait mode with this. At $60, though, Forté is priced higher than many users will want to pay. And while some may love the design, we think it’s a slight step behind what we normally see from Twelve South.

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Company: Twelve South

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Price: $60

Compatible: Apple Watch

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