Review: Twelve South TimePorter for Apple Watch

Twelve South’s new TimePorter ($50) is an Apple Watch accessory meant to double as both a case and a charging stand. About the size and shape of an clamshell eyeglass case, TimePorter offers cord management inside to wrap up the lengthy Apple Watch charging cable, and small holes on both sides of TimePorter allow the charging cable to be plugged into the wall while TimePorter is closed. The accessory also offers extra room for other accessories inside — there’s a space which can conceivably be used to transport extra cables, Watch bands, standalone batteries, or an Apple Watch itself when not in use. No cables are included with TimePorter. Outfitted with a synthetic leather exterior, it comes in black or white.

Review: Twelve South TimePorter for Apple Watch

Other than the two small holes on the sides of TimePorter, a silicone plug covers the hole in the top of the accessory, which can then be removed to insert the Apple Watch’s charging puck. Cord management is easy and works well — the inside of TimePorter is lined with silicone. There’s enough space inside for a small battery, or an Apple Watch and bands, and a small Apple wall charger, but not much else. While Twelve South is known for its attractively designed products, TimePorter isn’t the company’s best effort on that front, unless you really like the look of an eyeglass case.

Review: Twelve South TimePorter for Apple Watch
Review: Twelve South TimePorter for Apple Watch

TimePorter feels like it’s at its best when an Apple Watch is charging while flat, but the stand works fine. It even worked for us in Nightstand mode. The setup allows TimePorter to be used as a portable charging station — if you’ve got your own battery.

Review: Twelve South TimePorter for Apple Watch
Review: Twelve South TimePorter for Apple Watch

TimePorter’s appeal is limited by what it can actually do — unlike Zagg’s Mobile Charging Station, you’re going to need to supply all cables or batteries for TimePorter to fulfill its potential. TimePorter is essentially just a case. It offers a fine solution to keeping Watch bands and small accessories in one place, if that’s what you need. It earns our limited recommendation as a nice item for frequent travelers with multiple Watch bands.

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Company: Twelve South

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