Review: Tylt Sqrd for iPhone 5


Although it’s slimmer, and its corners are slightly more rounded, Tylt’s Sqrd for iPhone 5 ($30) is a lot like Incase’s Box Case. Appropriate to its name, this one-piece opaque rubber case is squared off at the edges. At the time of this review, Blue, Pink, Purple, and Red versions of the case were listed on Tylt’s website, but the black edition we received was not.

Review: Tylt Sqrd for iPhone 5

Sqrd is a single piece of molded TPU that easily wraps around the body of the iPhone 5. The company’s name is proudly embossed into the ever-so-slightly outwardly curved back in 3/4”-high letters. This contour is almost imperceptible to the eye, and is just barely noticeable in the hand, but there’s enough there for the case to feel nice and solid. Except for the button covers, all four edges are flat, allowing the device to stand on its own.


Review: Tylt Sqrd for iPhone 5

Tylt did an admirable job protecting the iPhone’s buttons. They’re covered with raised TPU, but are still just as clicky as they are without protection. Expectedly, there are openings for the side switch and iSight camera, as well as one long hole at the bottom tailored to the ports, speaker, and microphone. Users should have no issue with large headphone or Lightning plugs, or any adapters. There’s also an adequate lip around the screen.


Review: Tylt Sqrd for iPhone 5

With Sqrd, Tylt has produced an attractive, protective, slim, and somewhat unique case. Although it may seem derivative of Box Case, this newcomer succeeds in ways the original didn’t. There’s no worry of the front edges pulling away from the screen when you don’t want them to, and it’ll fit better in a pocket. It’s still not perfect, though; the price is a bit high for a rubber case, and screen film would be appreciated. That said, Tylt got a lot right with Sqrd, which merits our high recommendation.

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Company: Tylt


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