Review: Uniq Transforma for iPad Air 2


Uniq’s Transforma ($45) is one of the few iPad Air 2 cases we’ve seen so far that is specifically designed for Apple’s newest full-sized iPad — it won’t work with the thicker first-generation iPad Air, which is a good thing from our perspective, as the case is noticeably thinner than earlier cases. The folio-style case features a magnetic folding lid that transforms into a stand for viewing the iPad Air 2 in a number of angles, including portrait mode, and the magnet also activates the iPad Air 2’s sleep/wake function. As with many folio cases, the buttons are left exposed on Transforma, as is the iPad’s speaker grille.

Review: Uniq Transforma for iPad Air 2

Review: Uniq Transforma for iPad Air 2
Review: Uniq Transforma for iPad Air 2

Transforma houses the iPad Air 2 inside a somewhat thick plastic shell, while a thin fabric flap wraps around it. The inside part of the lid is lined with microfiber to protect the iPad’s screen. Transforma’s stand can be used in a number of ways, including the more traditional landscape setup using a notch on the inside of the folio cover. That would be fine on its own, but users can also fold the stand inward, then use the magnet to attach to the back of the case, creating a different kind of inverted stand. This stand allows for portrait and landscape use, which is very nice, but in our testing, worked most reliably in landscape mode with the Touch ID on the left hand side; if the Touch ID is on the right side, the magnet doesn’t feel strong enough to hold up the iPad without the possibility of falling backwards. It’s not a major issue, but you could find your iPad falling over if you’re not careful.

Review: Uniq Transforma for iPad Air 2
Review: Uniq Transforma for iPad Air 2

Transforma’s build quality isn’t phenomenal— minor faults include slightly imperfect cuts on the folio cover’s sides and in the camera hole. These issues are really not that big of a deal, but a close examination precludes it from being confused with a premium case. Additionally, though Transforma is thinner than other iPad Air 2 cases we’ve seen so far, it’s still a bit thicker than it needs to be; it’s an improvement, but not as slim as we’ll surely see in the weeks and months ahead. However, the folding stand works well, and we like the textured feel of Transforma’s cover. It’s also nice to see a case that was specifically designed for iPad Air 2, and fits properly. Overall, Transforma earns our general recommendation.

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Company: Uniq

Model: Transforma

Price: $45

Compatible: iPad Air 2

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