Though we thought United SGP previously had a large lineup of Steinheil and Incredible Shield options, the new collection of choices for iPhone 4 owners is positively overwhelming. Start with the Steinheil series of screen film protectors, which now come in three different variations — Ultra Crystal Clear ($14), Ultra Oleophobic ($14), and Anti-Finger Print ($12). The Ultra Crystal Clear promises 25% greater thickness than the prior version with superior clarity, while Ultra Oleophobic is supposedly clearer than Crystal and oil-resistant, and Anti-Finger Print is matte, and has the least prismatic rainbow effect of any film we’ve tested through July 27, 2010. It’s also amongst the easiest to apply. Each package includes two pieces of film. Then there are four Incredible Shield options, starting with the regular version ($27, aka “TG”) and adding Ultra Coat ($27), Ultra Matte ($27), and EX Ultra Crystal ($22). The standard version consists of an Ultra Crystal Clear piece of film and moistened glossy adhesive film for the rest of the body, while Ultra Coat has a yellowing-resistant body film designed for white iPhone 4s, Ultra Matte has a soft rubbery feel, and EX Ultra Crystal gives up the rear moistened film for a back-specific piece of Crystal Clear film, using the softer moistened material only on iPhone 4’s sides. One set of film is included in each Incredible Shield package, except for EX Ultra Crystal, which has two sets of film. Bewildering? Yeah, but it’s nice to have options.

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Company and Price

Company: United SGP


Model: Steinheil + Incredible Shield

Price: $12-$27

Compatible: iPhone 4