Two companies seem to tower above the rest when it comes to screen protector quality, and United SGP is one of them. New to its lineup is the Steinheil-branded Ultra Optics series of screen films for the iPhone 4 ($16), a two-pack of front face protectors that use an interesting technology to reduce fingerprints while preserving the device’s original glossy finish. The film is precision cut to fit the front of the iPhone 4, leaving camera, speaker, and Home Button holes that are only slightly visible after proper application. Turn on the iPhone’s screen and you’ll see a glossy, even reflective image peering back at you, ever so slightly deepened by the “Microlense Array” in the film. This array seemingly lets light pass cleanly upwards from the screen while dispersing light shining downwards into a dot-like pattern. Gone is the clouding and some of the smudging associated with typical anti-fingerprint films… but it’s replaced by a high-pitched fingers-on-vinyl sound whenever you swipe the screen. It’s an interesting compromise, and one that DJs might enjoy more than the rest of the population. A cleaning cloth, squeegee, and some so-so dust removers are also found in the package.


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Company and Price

Company: United SGP


Model: Ultra Optics

Price: $16

Compatible: iPhone 4