Available in ten different color combinations, and sold in separate sizes for 30 and 60/80GB iPods, Vaja’s $340 iVod video Crystal is amongst the most expensive iPod cases on the market, featuring both the company’s signature puffed, high-quality leather iVod case design and over 70 encrusted Swarovski crystals. Engraving on the case’s back is included at no additional charge – we’ve Photoshopped out the inscription on our case – as is a clear plastic screen protector; either can be omitted if you prefer. Click Wheel protection is not included or optional, nor are belt clips; rather, the case comes with a silver applique and leather strap, plus its own beautiful leather carrying bag with a draw string. The leather bag has silky Vaja markings on its interior, and can keep both the iPod and iVod video Crystal safe while you’re traveling.

First Look: Vaja iVod video Crystal

First Look: Vaja iVod video Crystal

First Look: Vaja iVod video Crystal

First Look: Vaja iVod video Crystal

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Company and Price

Company: Vaja

Website: www.Vajacases.com

Model: iVod video Crystal

Price: $340 (+ shipping)

Compatible: iPod 5G

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