Review: Vegas Pool Sharks Lite by Chillingo/RESETgame


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Review: Vegas Pool Sharks Lite by Chillingo/RESETgame

Last this week is Vegas Pool Sharks Lite (Free) by Chillingo/RESETgame. We’ve reviewed a number of titles by this developer since the App Store opened, and we have yet to be impressed by by any of them. Vegas Pool Sharks Lite continues this trend as a free trial of a $2 pool title called Vegas Pool Sharks; after trying the demo, we decided not to buy or review the full game.

They both place you in a blurry room with a pool table, 16 balls, and a cue stick. A simple but 3-D view of the table is presented, and as always, you’re supposed to use the stick to hit the white cue ball to knock the other 15 balls into the table’s six corner and side pocket; an 8-ball game is also apparently available in the paid version. The free game ends after you sink a few balls, with your single opponent grimacing—not a pretty sight. There are cheesy little tunes that play to break up the monotony.

Review: Vegas Pool Sharks Lite by Chillingo/RESETgame

Even as a free demo, Vegas Pool Sharks Lite isn’t much fun. Unless you want to kludge around with the camera, which lets you make rough zooms, change the angle of your stick, and take shots by pressing a button, you pull back on the stick to shoot and watch the balls move around the table. Thanks to the awkward way the camera works—RESETgame hasn’t done a very good job of separating camera movement gestures from cue stick-activating ones—neither angles nor the strategy of planning shots feel as developed as in most of the 2-D renditions of the game we’ve played, such as Electronic Arts’ iPod title The Sims Pool. This feels like yet another title that could be good with some art and control upgrades, but in its current form, it’s probably not even worth your time as a free download. iLounge Rating: C-.

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Below Average

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Company: Chillingo/RESETgame


Title: Vegas Pool Sharks Lite

Price: Free

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches


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