Verus Case, an interesting newer name on the scene in the iOS accessories market here in the U.S, has now rebranded as VRS Design. We reviewed the company’s Damda Slide case for iPhone 6 Plus in 2014, and we still think it’s one of the better recent wallet cases for the larger iPhones. Verus is starting to introduce more products in this market, and we recently received the company’s Dandy Layered Case ($90) for iPad Pro. Dandy Layered Case is a plastic and PU leather folio case for iPad Pro. The case has a magnetic flap for closure, and allows for two viewing angles when using the folio cover as a stand. Interestingly enough, Dandy also has two slots on the inside of its folio cover that can store cash and multiple credit cards. The case comes in black, brown, or red.

Review: VRS Design Dandy Layered Case for iPad Pro

Dandy Layered Case isn’t genuine leather, but it still looks pretty nice. It helps that the fit is spot-on. We don’t know if many users are looking for card slots on an iPad Pro case, but you could keep business cards there — Dandy does have a professional look. There are a few possible minor issues with using the folio cover as a viewing stand. First is the small magnetic flap, which can dangle in front of the screen during viewing — we had to push it back repeatedly. Then there’s the stand itself, which uses the small card flaps to prop up the iPad Pro, instead of notches. It worked fine for us, but we are a bit concerned about long-term use, as the flaps may become misshapen over time.

Review: VRS Design Dandy Layered Case for iPad Pro
Review: VRS Design Dandy Layered Case for iPad Pro

There’s one more issue with Dandy, and for some users, it’ll be a dealbreaker. The case has a full tray around the longer sides of the iPad Pro, with no way of accessing the Smart Connector. If you’re using your iPad Pro as a normal, large-sized iPad, you won’t mind this at all. But those looking to use a Smart Connector keyboard will have to remove the iPad Pro from Dandy to do so.

Review: VRS Design Dandy Layered Case for iPad Pro
Review: VRS Design Dandy Layered Case for iPad Pro

Dandy is an attractive case that does what it sets out to do, but it feels like a regular supersized iPad case, rather than a case which actually acknowledges the unique features of the iPad Pro — most specifically, the device’s Smart Connector. One could also argue the $90 price tag is a bit steep for PU leather. We think Dandy’s a good option for consumers in need of a professional-looking iPad Pro case, but users who are seeking something more practical may want to keep looking.

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Company: VRS Design

Model: Dandy Layered Case

Price: $90

Compatible: iPad Pro

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