Gear Guide: VideoStudio 9

Novice users can take advantage of the VideoStudio 9 Movie Wizard for automated HDV movie making.  The Movie Wizard lets users capture HDV and then create a finished movie by choosing from over 20 stylish movie templates with titles, music, transitions and a DVD menu – all of which can be customized.

In the full Video Editor, users can capture video and audio in native HDV format.  Projects can be edited in widescreen 16:9 format.  HDV clips can be incorporated in the overlay track for picture-in-picture, chroma key and video overlay effects.  Advanced features such as video distortion, video pan-and-zoom and artistic filters are all available for HDV projects.  Ripple editing, multi-trim editing and time-saving SmartRender options are also

fully enabled.  Users can combine HDV clips with clips in DV or other formats in a single project for greater
creative freedom.  VideoStudio is also compatible with the Sony HDR-HC1 when used in DV mode or when using the camera to downsample video from HDV to DV format.  For output options VideoStudio lets users save projects in native HDV format, encode to WMV-HD, QuickTime or a wide range of other supported formats, downsample to DV or output to DVD.

the Ulead® VideoStudio® 9 iPod PowerPack, a free update to the company’s consumer editing software allowing users to easily produce video for the new video-enabled Apple® iPod™. 

The new iPod PowerPack makes use of the Ulead MPEG-4 Plug-in for VideoStudio 9 and includes templates for outputting standard and widescreen iPod movies.  The MPEG-4 Plug-in enables the software to output video for a range of devices including the Apple® iPod®, Sony® PSP™ and DVD players supporting MPEG-4 playback from disc.  Advanced users can configure MPEG-4 output settings to meet individual needs.

Ulead® VideoStudio™ 9 is easy-to-use software that turns home videos into fun-to-watch movies! Preserve your precious movies on DVD, CD, tape, the Web or mobile devices to share with family and friends.

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