Review: Web Feeds by Tuomas Artman

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Listed as “Feeds” on the Home screen, Web Feeds ($4) is yet another straightforward RSS reader application. The main feeds view offers a list of feeds with favicon on the left and unread count on the right, a refresh button, an edit button for sorting and deletion of feeds, and an add button for adding feeds. The add feed screen is very simple, with a single field for entering a feed URL or the URL of a site offering a feed. Tapping on a feed opens the entry listing, which lists each entry’s title and three lines of summary, along with a blue dot to the left denoting an unread item. A checkmark button marks all items as read.

Review: Web Feeds by Tuomas Artman

Review: Web Feeds by Tuomas Artman

The individual entry view presents the title in a blue box, above a light grey box containing site, date, and author information, with the summary below. Tabs on the bottom let the user switch back and forth between summary and web page views. A menu in the iPhone’s Settings app lets users choose whether or not to refresh feeds on startup, and set how many items to keep. Unfortunately, Web Feeds strikes us as yet another “okay” app that is done in by its price. At $2, Web Feeds would be at least generally recommendable; the extra $2 added on to its price knocks down its rating substantially. The addition of offline browsing, a flagging option, or feed syncing, combined with a price reduction, would improve this app’s standing, which currently falls short of our recommendation. iLounge Rating: C-.

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Company: Tuomas Artman


Title: Web Feeds

Price: $4

Compatible: iPhones, iPod touches

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