Review: Wirelessky iStand 6 for iPhone 6

Wirelessky’s iStand 6 ($80-$100) is another battery case for iPhone 6, though this offering has one notable feature — a swinging attached bumper that can be used as a stand for the phone. iStand 6 packs a 3500 mAh battery into its case, which Wirelessky claims can deliver “almost extra 200% power” to the iPhone 6. Interestingly, iStand 6 also has a small SIM-card storage box built into the case (the company suggests the compartment can be useful to those traveling outside of the country with an extra SIM card in tow). We received the black and gold versions of the case, which at $100, have a higher MSRP than the $80 gray and white versions of iStand 6. The case comes with a micro-USB cable and a headphone port extender.

Review: Wirelessky iStand 6 for iPhone 6
Review: Wirelessky iStand 6 for iPhone 6

iStand 6 doesn’t live up to its claims of 200 percent extra power — we found the battery gives the iPhone 6 about a 150 percent recharge, which is still a strong performance. The case delivered a full recharge to an iPhone 6 in about 1:45, which is a fast time.

The swinging bumper provides adequate sleep/wake and volume control protection when on the phone, and using the bumper as a vertical stand is a nice touch. It’s great for FaceTime, and can even act as a dock when charging. On the downside, iStand 6 is a bit bulky, and it’s certainly not the most attractive battery case we’ve seen.

Review: Wirelessky iStand 6 for iPhone 6
Review: Wirelessky iStand 6 for iPhone 6

We don’t know much about the Wirelessky brand, so it’s tough to account for long-term performance (which our reviews don’t really deal with, anyway). The packaging we received actually bears the name of Esorun, a Shenzhen company which appears to pump out an array of OEM products — but iStand 6 is indeed MFi certified. If you’d rather go with a more established brand, we understand, but iStand 6 performed very well in our tests, and its 3500 mAh battery offers good bang for the buck.

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Company: Wirelessky

Model: iStand 6

Price: $80-$100

Compatible: iPhone 6

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