Gear Guide: Womp!Access Urban Camo iPod Video 30GB/60GB case


Gear Guide: Womp!Access Urban Camo iPod Video 30GB/60GB case

Urban Influenced iPod Protection
Womp!Access iPod case is specially designed for today’s urban lifestyle. This case is made from highly durable lattice canvas with a built-in screen protector and full access to the click wheel for on-the-go song swapping.

This Urban Camo access case will let you navigate the concrete sprawl while protecting you tunes. Take this pouch anywhere the city can dish out. Each womp!access urban camo case is unique and will have a one-of-a-kind look.

The world will know your style with a Womp!Access

* Unique Urban Camo design
  * Durable Lattice Canvas contains any damage and tears from spreading
  * Logo belt clip
  * Connect to the docking cable without removing iPod from case
  * Built-in screen protector
  * Clickwheel access
  * Metal accessory loop for attachment to carabineer or clip
  * Elastic siding to ensure a snug fit
  * Fits iPod Video 30GB, 60GB

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