Gear Guide: Wrappers iPod Shuffle Covers


Gear Guide: Wrappers iPod Shuffle Covers

Every Wrapper is an original, hand made, embroidered work of art. Designs are made only once, in a limited number and every Wrapper is numbered. The most complex designs have over 25,000 stitches – which works out at over 400 stitches per square centimetre – with up to ten colours. This gives Wrappers a knitted, tactile feel in your hand which you’ll love after years of shiny plastic.  Wrappers aren’t just decorative. They fit snuggly on your shuffle to protect the surface from scratches. When you want to access the controls on your shuffle, just slip the Wrapper down. Wrappers can be hand washed to look like new.  If you are ready for something that isn’t mass produced, there really is no nicer way of looking after your shuffle.

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Company: Wrappers
Model: iPod Shuffle Covers
List Price: $15.00+

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