Review: Xigma Style Japan Leather Case

Haider Ali Khan
By Haider Ali Khan  - Editor-in-Chief
Review: Xigma Style Japan Leather Case

Pros: Elegant design, high-quality construction, accessibility to buttons/ports.

Cons: Exposed portions of iPod, no significant cushioning.

Review: Xigma Style Japan Leather Case

I’ve never been one who has a great sense of design or style, but I think Xigma’s iPod case is elegant in the extreme. I suspect, though, that most iPod users value functionality over style (if they had to choose just one), when selecting a case for their precious iPod. And it is in the area of functionality that the Xigma case loses points.

Fit and Finish

Composed of supple pearl-white leather, lined with soft lamb suede, and a transparent vinyl window, the Xigma iPod case represents the finest in construction and workmanship. White-thread stitching marks the edges of each surface and holds the case together, while a magnetized snap closes the case and ensures the iPod will not slip out.

My Xigma case came with an attached belt clip, but can be ordered with a wrist-strap, instead.

Inserting the iPod into the case, I was impressed by how snugly (but not tightly) the case fit, without obscuring any of the buttons, scroll wheel, or screen. A magnetized snap easily secures the vinyl window over the iPod’s face. The large cut-out at the top of the case exposes just the headphone jack, and thoughtfully allows headphones to remain plugged in when the user opens the snap to adjust song or volume settings.

Review: Xigma Style Japan Leather Case


While the Xigma case looks fantastic, it fails to completely protect the iPod from potential danger. For one, the leather is fairly thin and might not offer enough cushion in case of an unfortunate iPod drop.

But the Xigma case’s worst offense is that it actually leaves a significant portion of the iPod completely exposed. Along the bottom half of each side remains open to the elements and in serious danger of scratches and dings.

Review: Xigma Style Japan Leather Case

During my testing of the Xigma case, I didn’t run into any problems with scratches or dings on the exposed portions, but I tend to be extremely careful with my iPod anyway. And knowing that the case didn’t completely conceal the iPod, I was probably doubly cautious. That said, the Xigma case did prevent inadvertent scratches to the iPod’s face and back.

Review: Xigma Style Japan Leather Case


If you are a careful iPodder already, and just want a little bit of extra protection against bumps and bruises, consider the Xigma case.

By Haider Ali Khan Editor-in-Chief
Haider Ali Khan is an entrepreneur from Perth, Western Australia. He is the Owner and Editor-in-Chief of iLounge.