Gear Guide: XtremeMac SportWrap

Whether riding a bike, jogging, running, or working out, SportWrap allows you to enjoy high quality audio without the skips, bounces, and other maladies previously associated with so-called “sport cases.”  SportWrap puts the iPod in the ideal place for minimizing shock and vibration while maximizing usability.  Your iPod won’t get in the way of your exercise, and your exercise doesn’t get in the way of your music!

Gear Guide: XtremeMac SportWrap
  • Super-Strong Velcro strap to keep your iPod in place while you move

  • Moisture-resistant Neoprene construction to keep your iPod dry

  • Clear play-through mylar cover protects your iPod

  • Headphone jack opening on top and bottom

  • Excess earbud cord storage

  • Extension strap for larger arms included

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    Company: XtremeMac
    Model: SportWrap
    List Price: $29.95




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