Review: XtremeMac SuperHook

Pros: Attractive and well-made caribineer-equipped clip that attaches cleanly to the iPod shuffle’s USB plug. Compatible with XtremeMac’s case accessories, and looks classy without them.

Cons: Over twice the price of a good competing option.

XtremeMac’s new SuperHook ($19.95) is the first truly different glossy white USB cap replacement we’ve seen since the iPod shuffle’s January release. Like the company’s SuperClip, reviewed separately, SuperHook is a simple way to attach your iPod to clothing, a bag, or anything else with a loop.

Each SuperHook features a silver metal caribineer hook that’s a bit nicer than the one we saw in Marware’s SportGrip, attached to a white plastic USB cap the same size as Apple’s lanyard cap. Two metal pieces are used to attach the hook to the cap – a large, slow-moving metal D ring that pivots inside the shuffle cap, and a small O ring that connects the caribineer to the D ring. All of the pieces are polished to a chrome look that recalls Apple’s full-sized iPods, a nice touch that classes up the iPod shuffle in the process.

Review: XtremeMac SuperHook


Review: XtremeMac SuperHook

As with the better USB caps we’ve seen, the SuperHook locks firmly into place on the shuffle’s USB plug, and feels every bit like an official Apple part. Though the white plastic is a hint less pure than the iPod’s own color, that’s only noticeable under certain lights and not at a distance; the dominant parts are the cool chrome attachments, which do a very good job of holding the shuffle in place on any loop where you might want it.

Unfortunately, the SuperHook comes at the surprising price of $19.95, more than twice what Marware’s charging for its caribineer-equipped SportGrip. Marware’s product does the same thing as SuperClip and adds a small amount of rubber to the shuffle’s sides, top and bottom, too. To achieve the same impact with XtremeMac’s offerings, you’ll need to buy a five-pack of SportGrip-like “Bumperz” for an additional $19.95; we’d sooner recommend a three-pack of the company’s more protective “TuffWrapz” ($24.95), which are also SuperHook-compatible. We’ll have reviews for both of these options in the near future.

As between the two hook offerings we’ve reviewed, we have to give the nod to SportGrip on price and its overall impact on your iPod’s looks. The SuperHook achieves similar functionality in a more sophisticated package when alone, but becomes considerably more expensive to accessorize. That said, if you like the look and are willing to pay for it, you’ll be happy with the build quality and simplicity SuperHook has to offer.

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Company: XtremeMac


Model: SuperHook

Price: $19.95

Compatible: iPod shuffle

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