Review: Zagg Pocket Keyboard

Zagg’s Pocket Keyboard ($70) is a foldable Bluetooth keyboard designed for use with smartphones and small tablets, such as iPhones and iPad minis. A small ledge flips out to hold the device during use; though as a Bluetooth keyboard it could conceivably be used with a larger iPad, the keyboard ledge won’t accommodate an iOS device that large. According to Zagg, Pocket Keyboard takes up more than 85 percent of a desktop keyboard’s typing space. The tri-fold keyboard charges using an included micro-USB cable — Zagg makes no claims regarding expected battery life.

Review: Zagg Pocket Keyboard
Review: Zagg Pocket Keyboard

When folded up, Pocket Keyboard measures 8.75” x 2.19” x .625”. Oddly, Zagg’s own measurements of the keyboard aren’t that close, as Pocket Keyboard is slightly smaller when folded than the company suggests. Zagg’s claim of 85 percent of the typing space doesn’t appear to measure up, either — a quick comparison shows Pocket Keyboard is smaller than that, and the measurements bear that out. Pocket Keyboard can hold an iPhone or iPad mini comfortably, and will even accommodate either device when a thinner case is being used. The folding design of the keyboard — which uses magnets to stay folded — is compact and clever, and many travelers will find it handy.

Review: Zagg Pocket Keyboard

Connecting to Pocket Keyboard is easy enough. Unfolding the keyboard will turn it on, and it’s paired with your device through a couple of quick key combinations. You can even check the keyboard’s battery life by pressing the function key in conjunction with the control key. When charging is needed, the micro-USB port can be found on one end of the keyboard.

Review: Zagg Pocket Keyboard

Like most smaller Bluetooth keyboards, Pocket Keyboard will take some getting used to, and it’s restricted by its smaller keys. For instance, when compared to a MacBook keyboard, pretty much all of the keys on Pocket Keyboard are, at the very least, slightly smaller. Some keys, such as the enter key, are significantly smaller. This will throw off people accustomed to using one specific keyboard — it’s unavoidable — but that being said, we found Pocket Keyboard felt fine for its size. A bit cheap, maybe, due to its thin, mostly plastic build, but users who often send out long emails or other items from their iPhones could find Pocket Keyboard beneficial.

Review: Zagg Pocket Keyboard

While you won’t need Pocket Keyboard if most of your iPhone or iPad mini correspondence is made up of texts and other short messages, those who use such devices to frequently write emails or pieces of moderate length (we’d recommend a different keyboard for extended use) could be well served to give Zagg’s offering a look. It’s priced a bit high, but it’s a great size for on-the-go users. Zagg’s Pocket Keyboard is built to fill a niche, but it does so well, and it earns our general recommendation.

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Company: Zagg

Model: Pocket Keyboard

Price: $70

Compatible: Bluetooth iPhones, iPad minis

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