Review: ZeroChroma Folio-Slide for iPad Air 2


ZeroChroma’s Folio-Slide ($70) is just about ready to make its iPad Air 2 debut. The case, which we’ve been fans of for both the iPad Air and iPad mini, retains its same basic design as before with the company’s built-in Flux Stand and a groove for a detachable lid or other accessories. ZeroChroma has chosen to make its new Folio-Slide compatible with both versions of the iPad Air, which means the case loses the side button coverage it had in its last incarnation.

Review: ZeroChroma Folio-Slide for iPad Air 2

Review: ZeroChroma Folio-Slide for iPad Air 2

Somewhat surprisingly, Folio-Slide fits both the iPad Air and iPad Air 2 pretty well. Yes, the fit is a bit snugger on the older iPad Air. By comparison, if you tap the back of the case with an iPad Air 2 inside, you can tell Folio-Slide is just a touch too big. It won’t be a problem for most users, though. Folio-Slide’s tight-fitting TPU adapts well to both devices, and the iPad Air 2 is certainly in no danger of slipping out or sliding around while in the case. Furthermore, there’s no issue with the side groove, which can house one of ZeroChroma’s well-made detachable lids.

Review: ZeroChroma Folio-Slide for iPad Air 2
Review: ZeroChroma Folio-Slide for iPad Air 2

The lack of side button coverage on Folio-Slide, though expected once ZeroChroma made the choice to have the case fit both iPad Air models, is a bit disappointing. Button coverage for the sleep/wake button on the top of the device is still intact and works just fine. Although we would have liked to see Folio-Slide for iPad Air 2 made specifically for Apple’s newest full-sized iPad, the case is still thinner and lighter than most of the iPad Air 2 cases we’ve seen so far.

Review: ZeroChroma Folio-Slide for iPad Air 2

Though there are a few slight drawbacks to the new Folio-Slide — the slightly larger fit on iPad Air 2 and the loss of side button coverage — the case’s positives are still pretty overwhelming. The built-in hard plastic Flux-Stand, which allows for easy 360 degree motion and as many angles as you’ll need, is as great as ever. And the Folio-Slide’s groove is still a very cool thing for those who prefer a folio-style case; it’ll become even cooler once ZeroChroma releases more accessories, as seen with the company’s current Slide-Mount Combo Pack. Folio-Slide still comes highly recommended for iPad Air 2.

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Company: ZeroChroma

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