ZeroChroma’s Keyboard Slide-Lid ($70) is the newest of the company’s accessories built around its heralded Folio-Slide case. Compatible with the Folio-Slide case for iPad Air 2 (a case that also fits the first iPad Air), Keyboard Slide-Lid is a thin Bluetooth keyboard with a tab that allows it to hook into Folio-Slide’s open groove, which can also be used for folio covers and other accessories, such as mounts. The keyboard also acts as a folio cover for the Folio-Slide case, hence the “lid” name. We first saw Keyboard Slide-Lid at CES earlier this year, where it earned a Best of Show nod. Folio-Slide and Keyboard Slide-Lid are also being sold together as a package for $100.

Review: ZeroChroma Keyboard Slide-Lid

Review: ZeroChroma Keyboard Slide-Lid

The first thing you’ll notice about Keyboard Slide-Lid is its clever design. Once hooked onto the Folio-Slide case, the keyboard flips over the screen, fitting perfectly. It looks like a regular folio cover in that position, but lacks the magnets to activate the iPad Air’s sleep/wake cover function. The keyboard has a power button and uses a small combo of keys to connect to Bluetooth, which it does quickly and easily. A small, indented port above the keys allows Keyboard Slide-Lid to charge using a micro-USB cable — ZeroChroma claims the keyboard can work for “60 hours uninterrupted.” We also appreciate the microfiber lining around the keys.

Review: ZeroChroma Keyboard Slide-Lid
Review: ZeroChroma Keyboard Slide-Lid

We found the keyboard itself to be surprisingly pleasant to use. The plastic keys provide a nice, springy bounce, and the key layout doesn’t require as much of an adjustment period as you might imagine. You probably wouldn’t want to type for hours on Keyboard Slide-Lid, but it’s definitely preferable to the iPad’s own onscreen keyboard for extended writing sessions. Keep in mind though, that this isn’t a good lap keyboard — its lightweight, thin design works best on a table or desk.

Review: ZeroChroma Keyboard Slide-Lid
Review: ZeroChroma Keyboard Slide-Lid

It’s tricky to provide a proper rating to “an accessory of an accessory” like Keyboard Slide-Lid. You need ZeroChroma’s Folio-Slide to utilize the design of the keyboard — though you could buy Keyboard Slide-Lid and use it without the case as a standard Bluetooth keyboard, we don’t see the point of that. While both the case and the keyboard retail at $70 each, the bundle including both is a great bargain at $100. (Other good case keyboard options for iPad Air 2 can be as expensive as purchasing both ZeroChroma parts separately.) And if you’ve already got a Folio-Slide and have been looking for an iPad keyboard, Keyboard Slide-Lid still makes a lot of sense — it’s a very good keyboard that fits in nicely with ZeroChroma’s own impressive ecosystem.

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Company: ZeroChroma

Model: Keyboard Slide-Lid

Price: $70

Compatible: iPad Air, iPad Air 2

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