Accessories for accessories are tricky propositions. Typically, a case-specific add-on appeals only to owners of the original case, and then, the price really needs to be right. ZeroChroma’s Slide-Mount Combo Pack ($30, aka 2-Mount Combo Pack) adds one more speed bump: if you’ve already purchased one of the company’s excellent Folio-Slide iPad stand/cases, which can already stand up on their own, will you really want to pay for both wall and car mounting solutions?

Review: ZeroChroma Slide-Mount Combo Pack for iPad Folio-Slide Cases

The first piece in the Slide-Mount Combo Pack is called the “All-Surface Slide-Mount.” It’s an 8.2” wide by 1.75” tall, millimeter-thin mounting bracket that enables you to attach a Folio-Slide-encased iPad to a wall or vertical object. Made mostly from a soft, microfiber-like gray fabric that looks like two flattened hot dogs atop one another, All-Surface has a 4.7” metal pin dangling from its bottom and two adhesive tab-release pads on the back. The center feels as if a thin piece of card stock or plastic is inside.


Review: ZeroChroma Slide-Mount Combo Pack for iPad Folio-Slide Cases

You choose a space on your wall, peel off two sticker covers, and apply All-Surface to that spot. Assuming the wall isn’t completely slick, All-Surface will form enough of a bond within seconds to support the weight of a Folio-Slide-encased iPad Air or iPad mini. While quick repositioning is possible if you make a mistake, the only way to pull All-Surface off once the bond is more stable is to yank on the two edge tabs on the adhesive.


Review: ZeroChroma Slide-Mount Combo Pack for iPad Folio-Slide Cases

ZeroChroma’s “Headrest Slide-Mount” is similarly simple. Eight inches wide and six inches long at its largest points, it’s made from the same gray microfiber-like material, this time in an H-shape with a thin piece of metal inside rather than cardboard. While the metal is firm enough to feel entirely stable, it flexes just enough to let you insert it between the metal rods used in adjustable car headrests. After it’s snug between two rods, its dangling fabric-coated metal pin can hold the iPad Air or mini behind a seat in your car for backseat viewing.


Review: ZeroChroma Slide-Mount Combo Pack for iPad Folio-Slide Cases

Yes, the All-Surface and Headrest Slide-Mounts both do what they’re supposed to do, and efficiently at that: despite their thinness and somewhat inexpensive-feeling materials, their metal pins work to make mounting Folio-Slide cases nearly as easy as magnetic solutions. All-Surface’s pin juts out just enough from a wall to provide an ultra-thin hanging solution, and Headrest’s pin dangles around an inch from the edge of the H-shaped bracket. This is perhaps a half-inch short of ideal for cars with thick or center-bulging seats, where the iPad won’t hang flat, but rather on a slight angle. In most situations, they’ll both work fine.


Review: ZeroChroma Slide-Mount Combo Pack for iPad Folio-Slide Cases

The bigger question is whether you’ll really need both of the Slide-Mounts enough to pay $30 for the set. ZeroChroma’s Folio-Slide cases are already more than capable of standing up on their own on flat surfaces, so you would specifically need a wall or object without a nearby counter or table for the All-Surface mount to be useful. The Headrest mount is more likely to be practical for a larger group of users, but it’s also a little on the small side to guarantee universal headrest compatibility. Between the materials and the functionality, the two mounts could have been free pack-ins with either of the already-expensive $70 Folio-Slide cases, rather than a $30 bundle. Consider the set if you really have a use for both parts, otherwise consider waiting until they’re offered separately—and preferably at less of a premium.

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Company: ZeroChroma

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Compatible: Folio-Slide iPad Cases

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