Review: ZeroChroma VarioEdge iPhone 6


Despite our general dislike for bumpers — iPhone side protectors without front or back coverage — VarioEdge iPhone 6 ($40) is somewhat interesting thanks to its integration of ZeroChroma’s FluxStand, the most versatile slim-line stand available for iPhones and iPads. Offered in either black or gray, VarioEdge fits the iPhone 6’s curved sides, covering its top, sides, and bottom except for control and port holes, adding a ratcheting fold-out stand to the back. We strongly prefer the company’s full case solutions, but VarioEdge is ZeroChroma’s first solution out of the gate for the iPhone 6, and integrates with the new FluxStand-compatible Armband and Car Mount.

Review: ZeroChroma VarioEdge iPhone 6

Review: ZeroChroma VarioEdge iPhone 6
Review: ZeroChroma VarioEdge iPhone 6
Review: ZeroChroma VarioEdge iPhone 6

We’ve always been fans of ZeroChroma’s extremely versatile and durable FluxStand, and that hasn’t changed with the newest VarioEdge. Otherwise, there isn’t much coverage being offered here beyond the side buttons, and we didn’t care for the feel of the bumper’s sleep/wake button. There is a slight lip on the front, and the stand on the back should keep VarioEdge on tighter than other bumpers, but it’s not enough protection to make users feel very comfortable. If an iPhone 6 kickstand is important to you — perhaps you watch a lot of video on your phone — VarioEdge deserves a look; the case earns our limited recommendation.

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Company: ZeroChroma

Model: VarioEdge iPhone 6

Price: $40

Compatible: iPhone 6

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