2009 iPod + iPhone Buyers’ Guide


Published: October 31, 2008
Page Count: 150

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2009 iPod + iPhone Buyers’ Guide

Editor’s Notes and Snapshot: Apple’s iFamily

The iLounge Community
Need help, photos, or access to over 145,000 other iPod and iPhone users? We spotlight Ask iLounge, our dual photo galleries, and our expanded Discussion Forums.

Sneak Peeks
World debuts of 12 new iPod and iPhone accessories, including V-Moda’s Vibe II, new Kensington Bluetooth Car Kits, and Griffin’s Navigate iPod/iPhone wired remote control.

The iPod + iPhone Buyers’ Guide
A massive guide to every iPod, iPhone, and Apple TV model ever released, as well as their top accessories.

New + Used iPod Buying Tips
Up-to-date average eBay selling prices for every past iPod and iPhone model, plus tips on where to get the best prices for new iPods in major U.S. stores.

Know Your Colors + The Color Chart
Ever wondered why Apple’s “black” iPods and iPhones are actually different colors? Or how today’s pink iPods differ from last year’s? Our complete color chart shows off the differences between models, including both rare and popular models.

The 100 Best Apps + Games
We’ve reviewed hundreds of iPod and iPhone apps and games—now we bring you a convenient list of the best 100.

Ten App Developers Worth Watching
How should you know if a new app or game is worth downloading? Our list of ten major, multi-app developers helps you see who’s making the best software for the iPod and iPhone platforms.

The iPhone OS App + Game Report Card
Hundreds of new iPhone apps and games are rated inside.

The iPod + iPhone Accessory Gift Guide
There are thousands of iPod and iPhone accessories in the marketplace. We look at 2008’s best offerings, focusing mostly on add-ons that work with current iPod and iPhone models.

iLounge’s 2008 Best of the Year Awards
Sixteen products were selected from hundreds of releases for our 2008 Best of the Year awards. We also honor top iLounge members and developers of accessories, games, and applications.

The iLounge Report Card
Over 2,000 iPods, iPhones, and accessories have been rated on iLounge; the ratings are here.

iProvocateur and iPod As Art Contest Winners
Winners of our two most recent reader contests, iProvocateur and iPod As Art, are featured along with honorable mentions.

iPods + iPhones Around the World Galleries
Notable submissions to our popular photo galleries are shown off inside.

iPod, iTunes + iPhone History: 2001-2008
Over 174 million iPods have been sold since 2001, and 13 million iPhones since 2007. Here are their stories—and iTunes’—on a convenient timeline.

Index to Advertisers

Some of our recent distractions—including updates on The iPhone Baby and The iPod Baby—are included inside.

Closing the Curtain
What should happen with the iPod, iPhone, and iTunes in 2009? Our requests, and yours, are here.

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