Accessing Apple Watch Glances with Siri

If you’ve got an Apple Watch on your wrist, you’re probably already familiar with Glances — those useful summaries of information from built-in and third-party apps. What you may not realize, however, is that you can call up specific glances by name with Siri — even glances that aren’t included in your list of active glances.

Simply hold down the Digital Crown, or raise your watch and say “Hey Siri” and then follow that with something like “Show the world clock glance” or “Show the activity glance.” This even works with glances from third-party apps — just use a unique identifying name for the app in question; it doesn’t even have to be the full name of the app in many cases. For example, to access the glance from an app like RBC Mobile, you can simply say “Show me the RBC glance.”

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