If you’re wearing your Apple Watch when a phone call comes in on your iPhone, you’ll be alerted on your wrist with options to either accept or decline the call, with the green accept button effectively taking the call right on the Apple Watch itself. For those who may not feel like talking into their wrist, however, there’s a slightly less obvious option that will let you answer the call on your iPhone, and in fact even help you get to it.

Answering calls on your iPhone from your Apple Watch

When a call comes in, simply swipe up on the Apple Watch face to reveal options to either “Send a Message” or “Answer on iPhone.” The first option behaves in much the same way as the equivalent option on your iPhone screen, however tapping “Answer on iPhone” will immediately answer the call, but place it on hold to wait for you to pick it up on the iPhone handset itself; a “ping” button even appears to help you track down your iPhone in case you’re not quite sure where you left it.

If you do inadvertently answer the call on your Apple Watch, you can also easily transfer it to your iPhone handset simply by swiping up on the Phone handoff icon that appears in the bottom left corner of the lock screen, or tapping on the green phone call status bar that appears if your iPhone is already unlocked.


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