Buyers’ Guide 2004

Published: November 1, 2004
Page Count: 82

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Buyers’ Guide 2004

Introducing iPodlounge
About the world’s number one iPod resource.

Meet the Editors
Editorial words and the editors who edit them.

Breaking News
Taken from the pages of

The iPodlounge Gear Guide
Short previews of upcoming iPods and accessories.

Buyers’ Guide 2004
The world’s best iPod accessories, recommended.

The iPodlounge Report Card
The letter grade chart for all of the products
iPodlounge has reviewed since 2001.

A Brief History of iPod
Become an instant expert in iPod milestones and trivia.

Backstage at iPodlounge
The secret iPodlounge page that leads to behind the
scenes updates from iPodlounge’s editors.

iPods Around the World, and other Galleries
The world-famous iPodlounge galleries, featuring
user-submitted photography and art.

Gallery: The Buyers’ Guide Cover Contest
Top entries in iPodlounge’s latest photo and art contest.

iPod 101 & 201
Transferring files from iPod to computer, and more.

Help! at iPodlounge
FAQs, Tips and Tricks, and Links to helpful sites.

Joining the Discussion Forums
A brief guide to the world’s largest
interactive resource for iPod owners.

Free and Shareware iPod Software Catalog
Easy-to-use Windows, Mac, and other programs
for the easiest-to-use digital music player.

Rhyme Gallery

Index to iPodlounge Reviews and Articles
Index to Advertisers

Closing the Curtain

Dennis Lloyd

I'm a passionate, long-time lover of Apple products, and was a civil draftsman and graphic designer before creating the iLounge web site. My prior projects include work for The Los Angeles Times', and the company Creative Domain, where I developed websites for clients including Columbia Pictures, Disney, Fox Studios, Universal Pictures and Warner Brothers. As the Publisher of iLounge, I direct the site's community forums, photo galleries, iPod User Group, and general business affairs, which have grown under my watch to over sixteen million page views every month. I'm happily married with one daughter, one dog (Rocket the Wonderdog), one cat (Ferris), many iPods, iPhones, iPads, and two turntables.