Canceling your Apple Music subscription

While it’s been a fun ride, the three-month free trial of Apple Music is coming to an end on Wednesday, Sept. 30, after which users who haven’t specifically opted out of the service will automatically be billed for their first month of service. If you’ve signed up for the free trial but don’t want to actually start paying for Apple Music, you’ll need to ensure that you’ve disabled auto-renewal in your iTunes account.

You can do this at any time before the trial ends, but if you forget to do so, you’ll be stuck paying for at least one month of service before you can cancel, so now is a good time to decide whether you want to keep Apple Music or not. If you decide you’re not willing to pay for it, you can disable the auto renewal feature in much the same way as any other app-based subscription, by viewing your account via either iTunes or your iOS device and disabling it from the “Manage Subscriptions” screen. There are several different paths to get to this screen, however the easiest in iOS 8.4 or later is to open the Music app, tap on the person icon in the top left corner of the screen, select View Apple ID and then scroll down and tap Manage under the “Subscriptions” heading. You should find Apple Music listed with any other in-app subscriptions associated with your account, where you can select it and simply toggle off the “Auto Renewal” option.


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