While your new Apple TV would have prompted you to give it a name during the setup process, if you were in a hurry to get going you might have just selected a default name like “Apple TV” without giving it too much thought. However, if you want to choose a more descriptive name — particularly useful if you use AirPlay and have multiple devices around the house — you can easily go back in and change it to just about anything you want.

Changing the name of your Apple TV

If you’re familiar with the older Apple TV models, you may be a bit lost on how to do this, however, as Apple has moved the option from the General Settings section over to the AirPlay settings — arguably a logical move since AirPlay is about the only place where the name really matters any more. As with prior Apple TV models, selecting the “Apple TV Name” option from here will present you with a list of pre-defined names, or you can hit up the “Custom Name” option to specify your own. Unfortunately, without external keyboard or Apple Remote support to paste in symbols or emoji, you’ll be a bit more limited in choosing names for the fourth-generation model, but it still works to help personalize your device and distinguish it from the rest.


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