Customizing the Library View in the iOS 10 Music app

Apple made some arguably nice changes to its core Music app in iOS 10, departing from the Apple Music centric version that debuted with iOS 8.4 and putting the user’s own music library back front and center, where it belongs. One of the features that came back along with this, albeit in a slightly different form, was the ability to customize the main Library view to choose which organizational categories you want to see there.

By default you’re given sections for Playlists, Artists, Albums, Songs, and Videos, as well as a Downloaded Music section to view only those tracks that have actually been downloaded to your device. A Home Sharing section also appears here if you’ve enabled the Home Sharing feature in settings and a shared iTunes library is available on your local network. However, tapping the Edit button in the top-right corner allows you to customize the sections that appear in the list as well as the order they appear in. Genres, Compilations, and Composers can be added to the list, or any of the other sections shown can be removed simply by unchecking them; there are no specific sections shown here that must remain on the list, although you can’t hide them all — you have to leave at least one section checked, but it doesn’t matter which one.

Note that the Downloaded Music sub-section doesn’t provide an edit button of its own — it simply inherits which sections are shown and the order in which they appear in the main Library view. It’s also worth mentioning that Home Sharing cannot be removed, hidden, or sorted into a different position (although you can simply turn off Home Sharing in the Music section of your main iOS Settings app if you don’t want to use this feature). Further, if you choose to hide the Downloaded Music section, the Downloading section will dynamically appear on the main list, instead of in the Downloaded Music section, whenever there are tracks in the queue being downloaded onto your device from the cloud.

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