Enabling Composers View in iTunes 11.0.2

Enabling Composers View in iTunes 11.0.2 1

Apple released a relatively minor update to iTunes 11 this week, delivering mostly performance and stability improvements but also including one other small feature—the Composers View—that may be of particular interest to classical music fans with large, well-organized libraries. The new view basically replicates the Artists View introduced in the initial release of iTunes 11, with a left-hand sidebar that allows you to browse music by composer instead. Since it presumably would not be of interest to everyone, however, Apple chose to leave it disabled by default, but if you have a use for it, you can easily go and turn it on yourself with a quick trip into your iTunes Preferences—a new “Show Composers” checkbox now appears on the General page to allow you to toggle the feature on or back off again.

For more information, check out our Ask iLounge article on Accessing Composers View in iTunes 11.0.2.

  1. @Plashing Vole (#2): While the new “Composers View” can’t be brought up when displaying a playlist, you can still use the column browser to filter by composer and grouping; a feature that’s actually been in iTunes for some time.

    Simply bring up the Column Browser by pressing CMD/CTRL+B or accessing it from the View menu in iTunes. You can add the Composers and Groupings columns from the View, Column Browser menu. See Accessing Composers View in iTunes 11.0.2 for more information.

  2. However, unless I’ve missed something, the ‘composers’ view can’t be accessed in the ‘Classical Music’ playlist. This is the only useful place for it – I have several thousand classical tracks and find it very, very frustrating having to remember who actually performed a particular piece rather than have a list of composers. Why would Apple do it like this? Unless they just have no interest in or knowledge of classical music.

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