Filtering Playlists with the Column Browser

Filtering Playlists with the Column Browser 1

If you’ve been using iTunes for a while, you’re probably already familiar with the Column Browser that can be displayed in the category listing views to help filter your music by Genre, Artist and Album. What you may not know, however, is that you can call up the Column Browser in any list view, including playlists. To display the Column Browser for whatever playlist you’re currently looking at, simply press CMD+B (Mac) or CTRL+B (Windows), or select View, Column Browser, Show Column Browser from the iTunes menu. Further, in addition to the default Genre, Artist, and Album columns, you can use the View, Column Browser menu to add more columns for Kind, Composer, Grouping, Category, Show, and Season, with up to six columns displayed at once; available columns are context-specific, but since playlists can contain any type of content, all nine options will be available when working in a playlist view. As an added bonus, iTunes stores the Column Browser settings individually for each specific playlist.

Filtering Playlists with the Column Browser 2

Filtering Playlists with the Column Browser 3

  1. Yeah but what about in devices? My new 160gb I use to carry a TON of tunes, and its kinda silly to try and sort it without the column browser – the only problem is that its GREYED OUT as an option for the iPod!!!


  2. my 120gb Ipod in Itunes doesn’t give me access to the column browser, it is always greyed out. What can I do to use the column browser with this specific Ipod in Itunes?

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