Going on 3D Flyover Tours in Apple Maps

Going on 3D Flyover Tours in Apple Maps 2

Here’s a fun little feature you can find in the iOS 8 Maps app: 3D Flyover Tours. Available for select major cities, the 3D Flyover Tour feature takes advantage of Apple’s 3D imagery to provide an aerial tour of key landmarks in each city, from Toronto’s CN Tower and New York’s Statue of Liberty to London’s Buckingham Palace and Paris’ Eiffel Tower, it’s a fun way to see the sights right from the comfort of your iPhone, and a neat way to show off Apple’s aerial imagery views.

Going on 3D Flyover Tours in Apple Maps 3

To access the feature, first specifically search for the city by name — simply being somewhere in the city won’t suffice — and then tap the “Start” button that appears beside the “3D Flyover Tour of City” banner at the top of the screen.

Going on 3D Flyover Tours in Apple Maps 4

The tour will begin in a full-screen mode to give you the best view possible, and as you stop at each location, the name of the location will be shown and the camera will pan around the building or landmark before taking you off to the next one. To return to normal map mode, you can tap the screen once to bring up the menu and navigation bars, and then you can either tap the “End Flyover Tour” or tap in the search bar and enter a new location.

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  1. One thing Google maps is still MILES better, is with the actual roads. Google has street view, but it ALSO actually has cars going around mapping new roads AND old ones as they change [say, become a one-way or a divided road, or a exit is created or blocked off]. Apple still has the same 5+ year old ‘satellite’ photos for my city, new homes are still shown as farmland.They really need to start putting more effort in making the maps complete.


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