iPad 2 Buyers’ Guide

Published: June 1, 2011
Page Count: 146

iPad 2 Buyers’ Guide

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iPad 2 Buyers’ Guide

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iPad 2 Buyers’ Guide Top Tweeter Contest

All About the iPad 2
Choose the right iPad 2 version, capacity, color, and data plan for your needs.

* Quick Overview + All the iPad 2 Models
* iPad 2: What’s Outside, Inside + Packed-In
* Apple’s Free Apps (iOS 4.3)
* iTunes Media Syncing and Home Sharing
* Downloading and Enjoying iBooks
* Using the iPad 2’s Cameras + Camera Apps
* Buying and Renting Media
* Buying and Selling iPads + iPad 2s
* Domestic/Int’l iPad 2 Prices + Data Plans
* Replacing the Micro-SIM Card

The iPad Lifestyle Guide
Home. Office. School.

Play. Thanks to new applications, iPads have found their way into all walks of life. We spotlight the best picks for popular careers, hobbies, and needs.

iDesign 2011
Profiles and interviews illustrate the impressive design work of six Apple third-party developers.
* iHome
* Incipio
* Just Mobile
* Mobigame
* The Omni Group
* Twelve South

The iPad Accessory Buyers’ Guide
Stands, cases, speakers, and many more types of accessories are featured in this massive look at iPad and iPad 2 add-ons.

* The Big Accessory Picture
* Docks + Stands
* Wall + Kitchen Mounts
* iPad-Ready Speakers
* Headphones
* Batteries + Indoor Power
* In-Car Accessories
* Cases
* Keyboards + Keyboard Cases
* Stickers + Protective Film
* Styluses + Brushes
* Microphones + Music Accessories
* Handy Little Adapters
* Universal Remotes
* Fun iPad Accessories

iPads Around the World Gallery

What’s New in iPod
Noteworthy recent accessory and app releases for iPods.

What’s New in iPhone
Updates on the white and Verizon versions of iPhone 4.

What’s New in Mac
New iMacs and cool products from iLounge + Mac.

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Closing the Curtain
What’s coming next for the iPod, iPhone, and Mac.