iPad Buyers’ Guide + Free iPod/iPhone Book 5


Published: June 1, 2010
Page Count: 150

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iPad Buyers’ Guide + Free iPod/iPhone Book 5

Foreword + iSnapshot

The Latest iLounge Updates
All of the latest updates to the iLounge web site, including our iPad accessory gallery, highlights tab, and forum, as well as our Twitter feeds and iLounge Weekly newsletter, are spotlighted here.

The iPad Buyers’ Guide
Apple’s tablet computer is taking the world by storm; we explain why and profile top add-ons.

* Introducing the iPad
* Cases, Film + Stickers
* Car Accessories
* Stands + Docks
* Earphones + Cables
* iPad Camera Connection Kit
* Great iPad Games + Apps

iDesign Addendum
Profiles of six top accessory and application developers add to our series on great design.

* Incase
* Speck Products
* SwitchEasy
* Duck Duck Moose
* PopCap Games
* Tapbots

All Things iPod + iPhone
Every current iPod and iPhone model, compared, with 16 different sections discussing everything from buying, selling, and trading to accessorizing, filling, and customizing your favorite Apple pocket device.

1. Installing The Right Software
2. Charging + Synchronizing
3. Filling It Up: Music, Videos, Apps, More
4. Entertainment Everywhere
5. Customization
6. Expanding Your iPod or iPhone
7. Playing Around: Toys + Games
8. Protection
9. Cables, Cord Managers + Sharing
10. Maintenance and Repair
11. Selling and Trading
12. Buying
13. Apple TV
14. Gifting
15. Joining The Community
16. More Help

iPad, iPhone + iPod Photo Galleries
Great photos from our Around the World galleries are shown off here.

Top games our editors have been playing before and during the creation of this Guide.

Index to Advertisers

Closing the Curtain
A look at the fourth-generation iPhone’s key features.

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