The Free iPod Book & Back to School Guide

Published: August 15, 2005
Page Count: 142

The Free iPod Book & Back to School Guide

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The Free iPod Book & Back to School Guide

Table Of Contents

Foreword and State of the iPod

The iLounge Nine
New features at the Lounge? Of course – here they are.

Sneak Peeks: The Back to School Edition
Learn about Fall 2005’s big men on campus: impressive new iPod add-ons, including seven exclusives.

The iPod 10+1: A Ten-Step Guide to iPod Bliss
Our latest Guide will help you make the most of every stage of your iPod’s life from cradle to grave and rebirth.

  1. Installing The Right iPod Software
  2. Connecting Your iPod To Your Computer
  3. Filling Your iPod
    • Music
    • Podcasts
    • Radio
    • Photos & Art
    • Travel Goodies
    • Books
    • Calendars & Contacts
    • Games
    • Personal Data & Files
  4. Enjoying Your iPod Everywhere

  5. Customizing Your iPod

  6. Expanding Your iPod: Add-ons

  7. Protecting Your iPod: Cases

  8. Maintaining Your iPod

  9. Selling Your iPod

  10. Replacing Your iPod
    +1 Joining The iPod Community

The iLounge Report Card
Over 500 iPods and accessories, rated and sorted.

iLounge Photo Galleries and
iPod World Flags Photo Contest Winners

With $1500 in prizes, our latest photo contest challenged readers to creatively depict their iPods and the flags of their countries.

Who won?

101 iTunes Tips and
The Search for iPod Trivia Contest

Our special iTunes guide offers over 100 easy tips to help you make the most of Apple’s free music software.
Plus: 27 trivia questions for our newest contest.

The iPod Directory
Major iPod product and service providers, listed.

Index to Advertisers

Closing the Curtain