Opening a Playlist in a separate window in iTunes 12.6


If you’re a long-time iTunes power user, you’ll probably remember the good old days when you could open a playlist in a second iTunes window — a feature that Apple in its infinite wisdom decided to callously discard alongside the whole new user interface in iTunes 11. Even after iTunes resurrected the sidebar in iTunes 12.4 last year, the ability to open playlists in a new window still remained conspicuously absent.

Opening a Playlist in a separate window in iTunes 12.6

Until iTunes 12.6 arrived this year, that is. While it’s taken almost five years to return, with iTunes 12.6 those users who want to manage playlists in multiple windows can once again finally do so. While the old double-click action won’t work — that still just starts playback — you can now at least right-click on any playlist in your sidebar where an Open in New Window option now appears. Sadly, this isn’t quite as flexible as it was in iTunes 10; it only works for playlists, so you won’t be able to open additional windows for other library views, and there’s no way to display the sidebar in the additional windows, so if you want to switch to viewing a different playlist, you’ll have to close the playlist window you’re looking at and then repeat the process to open another one.

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