Quickly marking your current location in Apple Maps

The new Maps app in iOS 10 will automatically keep track of where you parked your car (provided you have a Bluetooth or CarPlay connection to it), but there are also times when it’s handy to just quickly mark your current location so that you can easily find your way back to it later. If you have a newer iPhone model with 3D Touch capabilities, there’s actually a really quick way to do this hidden right behind the Maps app icon on your home screen.

Just push firmly on the Maps icon, and you’ll get the upcoming destinations widget along with an option to “Mark My Location.” Tap on this and Maps opens right up with a pin dropped onto the map wherever you happen be standing. The marker will stay in place — so you can find it or get directions back to — it until you specifically clear it by using a swipe-to-delete action in the locations list or 3D Touching on it and choosing “Remove Marker” from the pop up menu.

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