Reducing loud sounds on the new Apple TV

Reducing loud sounds on the new Apple TV 1

Another small new feature added by Apple in the new fourth-generation Apple TV is the ability to adjust the dynamic range of your audio input. This is particularly useful for watching TV later at night, or anytime you prefer to use lower volume levels so as not to disturb others — it enhances detail such as spoken dialogue, while softening music and other loud background noise.

Reducing loud sounds on the new Apple TV 2

The feature can be enabled or disabled globally in the Settings menu under Audio and Video, or can be turned on or off while watching a specific show by swiping down and accessing the option from the top menu. You can also simply ask Siri to “reduce loud sounds” to enable the setting; it will simply be quietly enabled without any kind of response, but you can confirm that it’s on from the swipe-down menu, or by simply issuing the command again, at which point Siri will confirm that it’s already enabled. To turn the feature off again and return to the normal full dynamic range, simply tell Siri either “full dynamic range” or “turn off reduce loud sounds.”