Reporting Problems in iOS 6 Maps

Reporting Problems in iOS 6 Maps 1

Apple’s new Maps in iOS 6 has received valid criticisms for a number of problems such as poor local search results. However, the new Maps app also allows users to quickly and easily report incorrect information back to Apple. For incorrect search results, labels, missing locations or problems with directions, simply tap on the curled page in the bottom-right corner of the main map screen and tap the “Report a Problem” link; for issues with a specific local search such as incorrect business information or location, a “Report a Problem” button appears at the bottom right of the information card. In either case, the Maps app will take you through a series of screens where you can provide more detailed information about the specific problem, such as adding a missing location, correcting an incorrect street name, filling in the correct business information, manually adjusting the pin for an incorrect location, or adding written comments as necessary.

Reporting Problems in iOS 6 Maps 3

Reporting Problems in iOS 6 Maps 4