Setting call Reminders with Siri

Setting call Reminders with Siri 1

While no one predicted it before the launch, one of the more interesting aspects of being an iPhone 4S owner is finding new ways to use Siri. Today’s tip is one such example: how to set up a reminder to call someone using the virtual assistant. When you ask Siri to remind you to call a contact, it will ask you to specify which number to call—somewhat odd, considering that this information doesn’t actually appear anywhere. But when you actually get the reminder and tap on it in notifications, the Reminders app will open and prompt you to call the contact with a simple “Call” button, saving you the trouble of digging through your contacts for the number. Interestingly, this only happens after you receive the notification, and only when tapping on the notification directly – but still, a handy time saver for those who have a lot of contacts.

Setting call Reminders with Siri 2

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