With the Siri Remote’s touchpad for the fourth-generation Apple TV, some of the traditional navigation features from the prior Apple TV are not necessarily obvious right out of the gate. For example, on older Apple TV models you can skip back or forward a few seconds by holding down the FF or RW buttons on the Apple Remote, but of course these buttons are missing from the new Apple TV, which now requires you to do this by manipulating the touchpad instead.

Skipping backward and forward on the Apple TV

Yes, you can swipe to the left or right to quickly scrub through a video, but this can be clumsy – it’s difficult to be precise if you only want to jump backward or forward by a few seconds. Skipping backward or forward on the new Apple TV like you could do before now requires clicking on the left or right side of the touchpad; if you rest your finger in the appropriate place, you’ll see an icon appear on the scrubbing bar to illustrate that you’re about to skip backward or forward by 10 seconds, and you can just click the touchpad button from there to do so. There’s no 30-second option on the new Apple TV – 10 seconds is all you get – but like just about everything else with the new Siri Remote, once you get used to doing this with the touchpad you’ll probably find it quite a bit easier and more intuitive than the old way.


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