Taking control of your iTunes Library with Smart Playlists


Taking control of your iTunes Library with Smart Playlists

For those of us with larger music and video libraries, picking and choosing what media to put on our iPods, iPhones, and iPads can be a real chore. Luckily, iTunes has a built-in feature that can help you make customized playlists of just the stuff you want to hear and watch. Called Smart Playlists, these dynamic lists are created by setting different rules—say, only songs added in the last two years with a rating of four stars or higher—and using those to filter out the filler. With over forty different basic rules to choose from, you should have no problem creating new lists that work for you while maximizing the space on your favorite portable device. To get started, simply hold down the option button on your keyboard while rolling over the plus symbol in the bottom left corner of the main iTunes window, or go to the File menu and choose “New Smart Playlist…”

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