Taking Right-to-Left Panoramic Photos

Taking Right-to-Left Panoramic Photos 1

If you have an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 you can take advantage of a new iOS 6 feature that allows you to capture panoramic photos without the need to resort to third-party apps. The feature is only available for shooting in portrait orientation and can be accessed simply by tapping on the “Options” button at the top of the built-in Camera app and choosing “Panorama.” An overlay will appear on the screen to guide you in taking your panoramic photo, and you can simply tap the shutter button to begin and slowly pan the iPhone across your scene. By default, the panorama feature works left to right, but if you want to start from the opposite end, you can simply tap the arrow to reverse the panning direction and begin your panoramic photo on the right end of your scene (thanks to iLounge reader Thomas for pointing this out in the comments to Instant Expert: Secrets & Features of iOS 6.0).

Taking Right-to-Left Panoramic Photos 2

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  1. I appreciate this update. A normal panorama can be available in every smart phone, but taking the benefit of the same feature from the opposite end (from right to left) can be available here on iOS 6 supported device i.e. iPhone 5. Moreover, it is a default feature in iPhone 5 and there is no need to add a third party app to utilizing it. Honestly, I am very glad to be aware of such an iPhone app.

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