It’s pretty common knowledge by now how to take a grab a screenshot on your iPhone, but what about if you want to capture an image of whatever you’re looking at on your Apple Watch? The concept isn’t much different from the iPhone; simultaneously pressing the only two buttons on the Watch — the Digital Crown and the side button — has been the usual way of capturing a screenshot on the Apple Watch, however watchOS 3 threw an extra wrinkle into the mix.

Taking screenshots on your Apple Watch

In watchOS 3, Apple chose to also assign the simultaneous press of both side buttons to the Workout app, allowing you to quickly pause and resume an in-progress workout. On the assumption that most users are more likely to want to pause/resume workouts than take screenshots, by default watchOS 3 disables the screenshot feature. Fortunately, however, you can turn the option back on with a quick visit into the iPhone’s Apple Watch app; the Enable Screenshots setting can be found in the General section. Note that enabling screenshots on the Apple Watch doesn’t change the behaviour of the Workouts app, so you’ll still be able to pause your workouts in the same way, but the downside is that you’ll get a screenshot every time you do that as well.


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