The Free iPod Book 3.0


Published: June 1, 2007
Page Count: 230

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The Free iPod Book 3.0

Foreword, iSnapshots: iPod and iLounge
What’s new in the Book, iPod dominance, and iLounge.

Sneak Peeks: Now with iPhone Accessories
Over 20 exclusive iPod and iPhone add-ons, debuted.

The iPhone Index
26 things you need to know about Apple’s new iPhone.

Love Your Apple TV
Make more of the 40 or 160GB at-home media player.

The All Things iPod Guide
Prepare to be amazed by your iPod all over again.

  • Installing The Right iPod Software
  • Connecting Your iPod To Your PC/Mac
  • Filling Your iPod
    • Music
    • Podcasts
    • Radio
    • Videos
    • Photos & Art
    • Travel Goodies
    • Books
    • Calendars & Contacts
    • Personal Data & Files
    • Games
    • Make Your Own Fun
  • Enjoying Your iPod Everywhere

  • Customizing Your iPod

  • Expanding Your iPod: Electronics

  • Playing With Your iPod: Toys

  • Protecting Your iPod: Cases & Film

  • Wearing Your iPod: Clothes

  • Maintaining and Repairing Your iPod

  • Selling Your iPod

  • Buying a New iPod

  • Goodbye, iTunes Phones, Hello, iPhone

  • Gifting to iPod Fans

  • Joining The iPod Community

The iLounge Report Card: Over 1,300 Ratings
From the original iPod through today’s models and Apple TV, reviews of top hardware, accessories, and software.

iLounge iPod Fashion Photo Contests
Which 4 readers won Apple iPhones in our contests?

iPods Around the World Galleries
Some of our favorite global iPod snapshots from readers.

iTunes Tips & Tricks
Learn how to enjoy Apple’s media manager with 140 tips.

The iPod Directory

Index to Advertisers
Note: All ads in this Book are clickable.

Apple’s Semi-Secret Store
Some Apple logo items are found in only one place: here.

iLounge editors’ favorite gadgets, and Making the Book.

Closing the Curtain: Zune

Latest News