Updating Apps in iTunes 11.0.3

Updating Apps in iTunes 11.0.3 1

If you’ve updated to the latest version of iTunes, you may have noticed a change in the way app updates are now handled. In place of the update button traditionally found in the bottom right corner of the apps listing, an “Updates” tab now appears along the top navigation bar, taking you to an iTunes view of apps with available updates, rather than an iTunes Store page. An “Update All Apps” button appears in the bottom right corner here, and clicking on an app icon from here will open details on what’s changed in the update, along with a button to update that individual app. You can also select one or more apps and right-click to update only those individual apps.

Updating Apps in iTunes 11.0.3 2

  1. Only one problem. If you have a couple of accounts from different countries, it will continually tell you so and stop updating. There is no way to sort by account and selectively update.

  2. This has been partially fixed in iTunes 11.0.4. You will still be prompted with a dialog box for each app telling you that you need to switch to the iTunes Store for the other country to update that app, but at least it no longer stops the update process for the rest of your apps.

  3. Sadly, iTunes 11.1 doesn’t yet provide any automatic update capability, despite this having been added to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with iOS 7.

  4. So, is there a way to just have the apps update automatically in the background (as long as iTunes is running) without having to check and to click the “Update All Apps” button?



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