Using your iPhone as a Magnifying Glass

There’s a useful new accessibility enhancement in iOS 10 designed to help those who have trouble seeing small print — this new feature turns the iPhone camera into a virtual magnifying glass. Although you’ve been able to use the built-in zoom feature in the normal Camera app in a pinch (no pun intended), the new Magnifier feature not only provides quicker access — only a triple-click of the Home button is needed — but allows for a tighter zoom for even stronger magnification, as well as other controls to toggle the flash on for illumination, and to adjust brightness and contrast. You can even access inverted and color-shifted views, which is useful for those with color blindness and other vision challenges.

Like other Accessibility options, the Magnifier feature can be enabled by going into the iOS 10 Settings app and selecting General, Accessibility. When enabled, it will automatically be assigned to a triple-click of the Home button. If you’ve assigned other options to the Home button triple-click action, you’ll be prompted for which one to access each time you triple-click; you can choose which triple-click actions to make available under the Accessibility Shortcut option found at the bottom of the Accessibility settings.

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