Viewing and Managing all of your Apple devices in iOS 10.3


A new section added at the top of the Settings app in iOS 10.3 adds a handy single place for viewing a lot of the information associated with your Apple ID, including a single point of access for the iCloud, iTunes & App Store, and Family Sharing sections that were previously scattered about elsewhere. However, Apple has also added a few new features in this section to provide you with access to information that you could only find by logging into the iCloud or Apple ID web sites before.

Viewing and Managing all of your Apple devices in iOS 10.3

Among this is a new section that displays all of the devices associated with your Apple ID, including not only your iOS devices, but also your Macs and any Apple Watch or Apple TV devices that you’ve signed into. This goes beyond just a list, however — tapping on any of these devices will bring you to a screen showing you more details. This includes a shortcut for Find My iPhone/iPad/Mac/Watch and whether it’s enabled or not and status of iCloud backups for iOS devices, followed by model, OS version, and serial number information. Devices that support Apple Pay will also show a list of the cards that have been added to each device, along with the ability to remove all of your cards from that device. It’s a handy way to keep track of all of your iOS devices, especially if you need to quickly find the serial number of a Mac or iPad that you don’t have with you, or want to remove your payment information when you’ve misplaced a device.

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